American Roulette

American roulette uses a 38 slot wheel with numbers from 1 to 36 which alternate red and black and also 2 green pockets that are numbered 0 and 00. The second green pocket “00” is the most distinctive part of this game as this is the only difference from the European version. There are a variety of bets that players are capable of placing and this is on a sing le number as well as on a range of numbers and this is irrespective of their colours either red or black or an even or odd number. The main objective of this game is to correctly predict a particular slot in which the ball is going to land at when the wheel stops spinning. When a player correctly predict this, they will earn a payoff on their bet and this will mean that the winnings always depend on a players bet.

Inside Bets and Outside Bets

The types of bets in American roulette can be known by categorizing them into two namely inside bets and outside bets. In inside bets players are able to bet on 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 numbers using one wager while in outside bets players are only capable of betting on 12 or 18 numbers with one wager. Outside bets also have smaller payouts because players have better odds of hitting them as compared to inside bets. Outside bets can be red or black numbers, odd or even numbers, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, dozens (1 to 18, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36 and a column which is a vertical line which has 12 numbers. Outside bets also provide players with the opportunity of having some or all of their money back when the wheel hits zero especially when playing using “en prison” or “la partage” rules and this will also decrease the house edge further.

Equipment and Personnel

American roulette uses an elongated table which has a wheel at one end together with a notch where a dealer is supposed to stand. The table includes boxes that have numbers from 1 to 36 that are arranged in 12 rows and 3 columns. The table also has two more boxes that represent 0 and 00. The numbers 1 to 36 are either red or black while the 0 and 00 are usually green. The numbers 1 to 36 can either be rectangle or black oval while the 0 and 00 are box and are used for wagers known as the inside bets. Outside the numbered boxes there are also other boxes which are used for outside bets and encompass up to 18 numbers at one time.

The wheel has 38 numbered slots all of them having the same colour on their slot as the exact same number on the roulette table layout. There is also a small, hard ball that spins when wheel is in motion and this is usually at opposite direction. The ball spins until the wheel comes to a stop and this is the value that player should get right if they want to win. There are also roulette chips which are used to represent the money a player has placed for that particular game although this is not the case in all the casinos. Players are sup[posed to get different colour of chips so the dealer will be able to keep track of chips that belong to specific players.