Few pointers before playing baccarat

What is/are..?

Those who have been absent from this game, are eager to know some initial details. For instance, what is the house edge and what are baccarat odds?

Baccarat odds differ according to the number of decks available in the shoe. You should know the possible variables, given the following scenario: the shoe has 8 packs.

  • Betting on the banker will create 0.95 odds and push the house edge to 1.01%.
  • Betting on the player will create 1 odd and push the house edge to 1.29%.
  • Betting on the tie will create 8 odds and push the house edge to a humongous 15.75%.

Elementary mathematics reveals amazing details: betting on the banker triggers a 46% winning probability, while betting on the player only 45%. Another interesting observation is linked to tie bets: their payment can range between 8 to 1 and 9 to 1. If you are lucky to strike gold at a casino that features 9 to 1 payoffs, you must know that they operate with a 4.84% house edge. This of course is just an extra detail.


According to baccarat tips, two different cases when the player must pay commissions. In the first case, the player must pay 5% commission whenever betting on the banker. In the second case, the player must pay 4% when he decides to stop playing. Nobody likes to play with commissions, but this is an active part of baccarat! There is however a positive aspect: those who play online baccarat mustn't calculate the commission as this is done automatically.

Feel free to put these considerations into action when you feel the time is right. One thing is for sure, if you keep these pointers to yourself, you can expect nothing in exchange!