Baccarat Strategies

As is the case with many games, having a strategy is one of the ways that players can ensure that they have a high chance of winning big in their respective games. In Baccarat, the strategy lies in the patterns as well as the streaks. In most casinos players will be provided with blank charts and pencils so that they can track their trends. Most of the Baccarat strategies concentrate on how the streaks are riding and here several money management theories will be used to parlay wins. Shoes will start developing characteristics when the baker rolls 5, 6, 7, 8 or more wins in a rom. Here the main idea is to catch the streak where players should get on, then get off at the perfect time. In some cases shoes will be described as “choppy” where the pattern will be banker, then a player, banker again, tie, player, banker, and again banker, player etc. If players are unable to recognize a particular pattern they will have a chance of not betting at all. Most experienced Baccarat players buy-in, then sit and wait for the game to be dealt and then start searching for trends by observing patiently and ultimately picking a spot. This will require the players to have great discipline.

Card Counting Strategy

This is one of the effective strategies if utilized properly and most importantly in the right casino. This strategy works off of a similar shoe. The only drawback for this strategy is that of the used cards that are being fed back to the shoe before several of them have been removed and this will definitely affect the players that had any count made at that particular point. Baccarat does not accept players to alter their bets in mid hand play like blackjack. Card counting strategy in this game provides players with several options which will have an advantage against the house where the overall efforts are regarded as worthless. The first step in this strategy is determining the effect of removing any card from a particular game.

Betting on Banker

The odds are a little better when players bet on the bankers as compared to card counting. This is one of the most popular and safest strategies players can employ when playing baccarat. It is however advisable to avoid betting on the baker throughout the game as this will get boring. You can spice up the experience of this strategy by pattern chasing as this breaks the monotony that comes with many simple games.

Do not Be Greedy

When playing baccarat it is also advisable to avoid being greedy as this makes players spend more money blindly and this makes many players lose large sums of money.

Baccarat Odds

The house edge in this game when a player bets on their own hand is 1.24%, on the bankers hand is 0.6% on a 4% house cut or 1.06% on a 5% house cut. The game tie bet gives the house a house edge of 5% (8:1) at best and 14% or more (9:1) at worst.