Bingo Rules

Bingo is a game where players try matching a set of randomly selected numbers to numbers hat appear on their 5 x 5 grid bingo cards. Players are required to match a specific pattern that is supposed to be determined before the game starts. When a player matches this pattern they are supposed to declare bingo and they will win that game. There are up to 75 random numberes that are usually called in a bingo game and this means every player is supposed to concentrate. Every bingo player is allowed to play up to 8 bingo cards. The most experienced players usually play the maximum number of cards while at the same time following the numbers that are being called by marking them on their cards so as to ensure they do not fall behind on the number list. In order to be able to increase your chances of winning in this game it is important to ensure that you understand all the rules of this game.

  • The first rule of this game is that the game starts when all players have bought their bingo tickets. A ticket is a paper card which has a 5 x 5 grid. In this grid 5 columns correspond to 5 letters which are for the name B-I-N-G-O. Each card has 24 random numbers of 1 to 75. Each card has a empty space at the center.
  • When the game begins the caller is supposed to select numbers randomly and call them out. Every number that is called is supposed to be marked by all players on their respective tickets.
  • Different casinos have different patterns that players are supposed to match their cards with it can either be a line, vertical, horizontal, giagona, gull house or any letter, symbol or digit.
  • Numers are called quickly so all the players must be very attentive at all times in order to mark the accurately and quickly on their cards.
  • Numbers will keep getting called until a player claims bingo when the game will stop and the numbers will get verified. If it is in deed a bingo the player will be awarded and a new bingo game will begin with new cards this time. In case there are more than one person claiming bingo then the prize will be split among these players.

Electronic Bingo

Today players can use portable handheld bingo devices to enjoy bingo games where they are allowed to play multiple cards with ease. These devices have a tracker meaning that players can not mis a bingo even if they are playing multiple cards. These devics require players to listen to the caller as numbers are being called out and punch the corresponding keys on the device. The device ten automatically scans the electronic bingo cards to find ot if those cards have any marks. The player will know if there is a bingo thrugh the device but the player nust still call bingo.

Online Bingo

Online bingo randomly selects cards for the players and in most cases each player has 3 or 4 cards. Online bigo also has a caller or in some cases a display board for the bingo numbers. Players will also get to see the game pattern as it is displayed for them.