Seize the essence of blackjack strategy

Good for the Pros

Professional players of blackjack use complex systems in order to boost their odds. Keeping track of the cards is the first step for being able to predict what is to come. This is an elementary school blackjack strategy!

As long as the players do not have too many low or high cards, things look good. According to pros, both low and high cards favor dealers. Whether the pros rely on low cards or high cards, one thing is sure: they can easily beat the house by pushing their chances with card counting systems!

Shift into a lower gear

Pros use complex card counting systems, but memorizing the entire deck of cards will push you away from a potential winning hand. There is no use focusing solely on mathematics! Placing cards in 2 categories (higher vs. lower) is just enough to alter your chances. Nothing can stand in your way, as long as the dealer's sole advantage is that they hit last!

Here is the following scenario:

  • 7 players are involved in the game, 6 of them (including you) go bust. The 7th player continues to play till the house busts as well. This means that the 7th player won. On a closer look, we find out that despite the fact that the 7th player struck gold, the house had the upper hand! Is this another blackjack strategy?
  • Not really, it is rather a slice of reality. The house triggered money despite losing, because the players busted first. As of now, the dealer has a 6.97% advantage.

House edges

At this point of our discussion, we come to speak about house edges. Known as being low, house edges make the gamblers stick to the game. The more combinations a casino allows (Double Downs & Splitting), the lower the house edge, which in turn can encourage players to adopt a blackjack strategy.

Good for any player

Whenever there is a shortage of cards, you should use Card Counting. Paying attention is a must, for instance if there is a shortage in 9, 10 and Ace, you have two options:

  • Bet more if your hand is promising
  • Simply change your strategy

Sometimes blackjack players resort to blackjack systems as they come with advantages. Before you turn to these systems, try to have a basic knowledge of the game itself! Blackjack should be profitable and not risky!!