Chinese Blackjack

Chinese black jack is a game that is also referred to as 21-point or ban-nag in Cantonese or ban-luck in Hokkien or Kampung in Malaysia. It is a game that is mostly played in South East Asia and is similar to the regular blackjack. Tradition puts most hardcore gamblers playing some form of games during the celebration of Chinese New Year because most people believe that a new year comes with new luck. Chinese blackjack is played with 1 or 2 decks of cards that consists of 52 cards each and can be played with by many players.

How to Play

Each game has a dealer so the players must decide who will be the dealer for each game by picking a card each and the one with the highest ranking card will be the dealer or they can just decide to alternate amongst themselves. The most unique feature of this game is the fact that dealers are allowed to selectively show some of the players hands, settle the bets with players as well as hit one more time and reveal hands of other players. This game also gives a special status to players who have 5 cards that have not gone over 21 points.

Apart from these few differences, Chinese blackjack uses the standard blackjack rules and it is important for players to get familiar with these rules if they are going to enjoy their games and have a chance of winning good money. The main rule of any blackjack game is that the player’s main objective is to beat the dealer and make sure they do not go over the 21 points as this will result in them going bust and losing that hand. This means that all players should be very attentive when being dealt cards in order to ensure that their total value of cards does not go over the 21 and at the same time they can call for blackjack immediately they have an ace and a ten valued card.

The best thing about Chinese blackjack is that any of the players can be dealers as this offers more advantage which can help in winning some money. Chinese blackjack is also a bit different from the regular blackjack in terms of the counting system of the card values. For example the ace value is usually determined by the number of cards a player has. Chinese blackjack also has several unique card combinations different from those of the conventional blackjack. There are many places where you can play Chinese blackjack and this will include several casino halls as well as several internet websites. This means that before you chose your ideal place to play this game it is important to have done some research first to ensure that the casino hall or website you are playing from is credible.