Disappointing Craps strategies

Beware of false promises

One can't enough emphasize the fact that craps strategies are useless! None of the "free" online guides (see are genuine. In fact, these winning craps systems are nothing more than cheap empty shells, meant to mislead by offering free advice. Before coming to a hasty conclusion, you should know that blaming all the merchants who offer craps strategies is the last thing on our mind! Of course there are ways to improve your game, but none of them derives from applied strategies. Craps is a game of chance and this is the only thing that can ensure your victory!

The consequences

Before venturing into buying craps strategy books, you should think of the consequences first! The profitability of any business is given by the following formula: revenue minus investment. Suppose you decide to invest in guides, the only minus you see will be the one in your budget. Think rationally before actually making a hole in your budget!

We at will never charge you for something that is unreliable, something beyond reason!

Craps strategies will help in a certain extent, but don't expect them to be bulletproof devices. As long as craps is a game of chance, players should stop dreaming about overcoming the House edge.

Given these circumstances, players shouldn't gamble more than they can actually afford. Craps should be all about fun, or else disappointment will prevent players to discover their dumb luck. Yes, huge winnings can be solely accounted for dumb luck!

A worthless legacy

Some believe that they are able to force dumb luck. The truth is that craps is different from Blackjack; here card counting techniques can still help, which is not the case at craps!

The saddest part of craps strategies is that they are perceived as a legacy and inherited from generation to generation. Winning at craps is not a matter of having inherited/understood craps strategies or not. Witnessing huge winnings is an absolute coincidence!

Good craps strategies

Genuine strategies will never claim to have discovered the cure; they will only let you know that strategies can help you to play in a distinguished manner, as compared to other players. We at are devout to telling the truth, as this is what sets us apart from unethical counterparts.

Let's face it: yes the truth hurts, but at least it doesn't provoke severe injuries! You should know the truth well before accessing online gambling providers!