Give yourself a chance, learn the basics of craps

Magnify your profit

Whether we are talking of an online casino or a brick and mortar version, the betting system is in favor of the house. Whether it is blackjack or poker, you will leave the place with only a small amount of money. What about if you had the chance to multiply this small amount and leave the casino with a small fortune? It only takes few simple strategies!

How it is played

Players have the tendency to develop personal craps strategies due to the fact that every gambling game is permissive in this respect. Craps is not exempt from this generic truth. This dice game is played by more people at the same time: the goal behind the game is to guess the outcome.

Choosing to play craps online will increase your chances of becoming a shooter. The term shooter refers to the person who throws the dice. The shooter has the best chances of winning when he rolls 7 or 11. Suppose he rolls 2, 3 or 12, he will lose the bet.

The chances of rolling a 7 are pretty much the same as the chances of rolling a 12. As much as you try to oppose it, the probability will remain the same, this is why it is also known as a game of chance. The statistics showed that the probability of rolling a 12 in a row is pretty high; actually players can roll 12 twice in a row.

Types of bets

Placing bets is pretty simple; craps features only few types of bets: player, line, single-roll and multi roll.

Player bets can be extremely versatile as compared to line bets that are specific. Line bets are known to be placed before rolling the dice. There is not much that we can say about single roll bets, as they are pretty suggestive due to their name. The same applies for multi roll bets, which require the player to roll for several times before getting to know the outcome of the game.

Before you come to a hasty decision, you should know that dice games aren't that simple! The rules are pretty comprehensive - even for a novice - but craps itself is complicated. You had better start practicing craps at one of the existing online casinos, or else you don't stand a chance!