Keno Rules

Keno is an entertaining game that requires players to buy a ticket that has 80 marked numbers. Keno games can be played on the traditional casinos or they can also be played online. Keno is believed to have come from China presumably 3000 years ago. Today this game is very popular among the casino players and this is due to its straightforwardness. Keno was introduced in the US in the XIXth century when Chinese immigrants started settling in the country. Keno is regarded as a lottery game yet its rules vary depending on the region it is being played in. In some countries casinos have come up with specific machines to play this game alone. The rules of this game are easy to understand.

How to Play

The main objective of keno is to select a specific amount of numbers on the ticket and this is supposed to be between 4 and 10 numbers although this varies in different casinos. The next step in this game is the operator drawing 20 random numbers out of the 80. Players will be paid according to the numbers they had chosen as well as the ratio of their correct picks. This means that the more numbers a player chooses the higher their potential of potential although their winning chances will not be as high. The best way of ensuring you have a high chance of winning is by making sure you choose between 4 and 6 numbers because although the winnings may be smaller, your chances to earn some money will be bigger.

Betting Tips

Anny game that involves betting must be played using some strategies and Keno is one of these games. The most important thing to remember here is that a player’s winnings will be determined by the price of keno cards they buy. If a player purchases a cheap card then their winnings will be on the lower side and if they purchase an expensive card then the winnings will be on the higher side. A player’s winnings will also depend on how they play and the best way to do this is by playing cheaper cards first. Playing cheaper cards helps in creating a sizeable bankroll which should be able to cover you when you start playing the expensive cards or huge keno jackpots. If you are playing this game online you will have to know the redistribution rate first which is usually indicated on the screen. This rate varies depending on the numbers that a player has chosen. For example a player who chooses 4 numbers will need up to two numbers to win and if a player chooses 10 numbers they will need at least 5 numbers to win. There is also a percentage that will be deducted from any winnings made in this game and this is usually 30%.