Perfect Pairs

Perfect pairs Blackjack is one of the most common variations of blackjack today which was invented by a gentleman by the name John Wicks. This variation is exciting and at the same time gives players an opportunity of increasing their chances of winning by making side bets on a perfect pair. Many blackjack players still doubt the perfect pair strategy and so it is important to understand its uniqueness. The uniqueness in this is that it gives players only one additional bet where they bet considering that their first two cards are going to be a pair meaning that the two cards will have the same denomination.

If this bets happens to win then the player will get extra money for it but if this bet loses then the player will continue playing with their initial bet. It is clear that any additional bet will only be good to a player since many bets mean an increase in chances of having a winning bet. This thereby means that any additional bet will surely influence any result of a particular game so it is up to a player to bet or not. It is also important to keep in mind that the strategy of a game will not depend on the additional bet and this is the reason why it is not possible to find a specific strategy to be used in perfect pairs and players can only gain when they use blackjack strategies when they are playing the traditional blackjack game which uses 2 decks of cards.

Players should use the blackjack basic strategy charts that provide them with the steps needed to follow when they have different types of card combinations. It is important to keep in mind that players are not allowed to carry these charts in casinos so it is important for them to learn them in advance. The charts are available for single hand blackjack as well as multi hand blackjack. Perfect pairs gives players the platform of making various steps during a traditional blackjack game and this will include during standing, hitting, splitting, doubling down, insurance as well as surrendering.

The best tip for players who are willing to bet on perfect pairs is that they should always bet an amount of money they are comfortable with if they lose it and at the same time the amount of money that will not result in them losing their whole bankroll. Playing the perfect pairs game of blackjack will also require players to be very careful in terms of the casinos that they use given that not all casinos are credible. Players can get the credible casinos by doing some research on the internet or by asking their friends or families who may have had experiences with some of these casinos.