Know the details of playing Roulette online


The statistics shows that the most embraced method of playing Roulette is online. Playing Roulette Online isn't a rare possibility anymore, courtesy of the online casinos and of the plain rules. The latter ones make Roulette an ideal game for newcomers who intend to settle in this virtual realm. Online Roulette isn't an exclusivist domain, just look at the number of experienced gamblers and you will know what we are talking about, instantly! The variety of wagers makes online Roulette ideal for pros and rookies at the same time.

Roulette alias small wheel

Did you know that this game was common in the 17th century? How about the fact that the French were the early developers of this contemporary pastime? Due to high levels of entertainment and constant rules, the game soon gathered a generous crowd of followers.

The clash of the continents

Chances are that you've already met the 2 types of Roulette, possibly while playing Roulette online. Both the American version and the European, has specific rules and roulette tips to follow. There are however small inconsistencies:

Chips: while playing America Roulette, players receive different colored chips. European Roulette is played with similarly colored chips.

Zeros : the American wheel comes with 38 slots (1-36,0,00), while the European has only 37 (1-36,0). The small advantage of the American version increases the house edge.

How to place bets

Players have 2 possibilities: inside bets & outside bets.

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Possible Inside Bets:
Straight, Split, 3 line, Corner/Square, 6 line

  • Straight Bets= betting on a single number > 1-35 payout
  • Split Bets=betting on 2 numbers > 1-17 payout
  • Line Bets=betting on 3 numbers that form a row, or a street > 1-11 payout
  • Corner/Square Bets=betting on 4 numbers within a square > 1-8 payout
  • Line Bets=bet on 2 Three Lines that for 2 streets > 1-5 payout

Possible Outside Bets:
Left/Middle/Right row, 1st 12 / 2nd 12 / 3rd12, 19-36 or 1-18, black or red, odd or even.

  • Left/Middle/Right row=placing a bet on all of the numbers situated in the Left/Middle/Right row > 3-1 payout
  • 1st 12 / 2nd 12 / 3rd12=placing a bet on 12 numbers situated in 4 adjacent rows> 3-1 payout
  • 19-36 or 1-18= placing bets on these numbers> 1-1 payout
  • Black or red=placing bets on black or red numbers> 1-1 payout
  • Odd or even=placing bets on odd or even numbers> 1-1 payout