Roulette Rules

The game of roulette is today considered as one of the most common games being played in the traditional casinos as well as on online casinos. This game involves the use of a spinning wheel together with several betting options. The wheel contains several numbers that alternate odd numbers pairs with even number pairs that are usually red or black. The game has numbers from 1 to 36 that are usually in red or black as well as 0 and 00 which are always in green. Roulette can be played by up to 8 players where they are supposed to bet against the house which is usually represented by an attendant.

How to Play

The game starts with all the players making their bets. The house attendant is then supposed to set the wheel in motion which then makes a ball spin in the opposite direction. Slowly by slowly the ball will start losing momentum while spinning and at this stage the players are not allowed to make any more bets. The attendant waits until the wheel comes to a complete stand still and looks at where the ball has landed at and then places a dolly over that specific spot. If one of the players had predicted that the ball will land at that exact spot before the spin, he/she is immediately paid out. The attendant is then supposed to clear the layout in readiness for another spin. All bets are supposed to be placed on the layout that have coloured chips which are acquired from the attendant. The winning chips are supposed to be exchanged by the attendant for value chips which the house will later exchange with cash. Players are always assigned different colour of chips and they are also allowed to make multiple bets on one single spin. Bets can also be placed on single numbers, combination of numbers, colour of numbers, characteristics of numbers i.e. odd or even numbers among other type of bets.


The game of roulette ha undergone very many transformations and some of the previous versions of the game are still being played in different parts of the world. Some of the most common variations of roulette include American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. The American roulette involves two zero slots which thereby means that the house has a greater advantage than the players. In European roulette however has only one zero slot and this means that the house edge is slightly lower which gives an advantage to the player when compared to American roulette. The wheel that is used by different casinos will also greatly determine the winning the players will have because different casinos have different house advantages. For example the house edge in American roulette is set at 5.26% meaning that the house is entitled 5.26% of any player’s winnings while the house edge of European roulette is 2.7% which means that the house is entitled to 2.7% of player’s winnings.