Scattered guidelines


All of the gambling games are soaked with chance, probability and speculation. All of these variables are governed by an omnipresent character: luck. No matter the authority of this last character, luck is only of secondary importance. The way one places the bet is crucial at Roulette.

How much to bet?

What is more important than deciding how much to bet with each round? Determining the exact amount that you can afford! This is a key factor whenever playing roulette online and at any other gambling game! Usually players calibrate the overall amount according to the number of the rounds they wish to play. For instance, if you plan to invest $300 during a night and want to play 10 games, then you shouldn't place more than $30 with each round. The more games you wish to participate at, the less you should bet with each round.

Good and bad decisions

An ill-advised bet is probably the best method of testing your luck and at the same time the worst way to win! It goes without sayings that placing a bet on a single number can sometimes (a rare occurrence) give you the chance of winning the highest payout (36:1).

Pros and cons

  • Always consider combining an outside bet with a cover bet.
  • Whatever you do, avoid placing bets simultaneously on reds & evens or on blacks & odds!

How to wager well?

In order to perform well both in online casinos and at land based casinos, you should have a thorough knowledge of the roulette wheel. First off, the 36 numbers aren't positioned in a numerical order. Red slots comprise 8 even numbers, while all the rest have black backgrounds. You can meet the same structure when speaking of odd numbers: black slots comprise 8 odd numbers, while all the rest have red backgrounds. The bottom point is that, players have better odds when betting on black and even combinations! Betting on red and odd combinations isn't that bad!

A memo

Respecting these generic rules does not always work! Keep in mind that Roulette is a game of chance after all, as well as online baccarat or craps! Knowing this key aspect, will make you stop even if you have a winning streak. It would be a pity to throw away your freshly won money!