Shop around for the best casino promotions

Any serious online gamer is always on the lookout for the best promotions in the betting community. Many online casinos offer rewards for players who take betting to the next level and it’s always good to shop around for the best deals.

If you’re such a gamer then you should check out the Betfair casino promotions page, which offers upwards of 15 varied rewards for the masters in online gaming.

Are you feeling restricted with the amount of cash you can play with on the slots and at the table? The VIP Lounge may be perfect for you and the VIP Welcome Bonus is a great way to get things started.

Here, if you make a deposit of £1,000 or more you’re automatically rewarded with a bonus of £500 to play in the casino. It’s a great bonus that rewards dedicated gamers and can come in handy when you’re playing at the blackjack table or on the slots.

Further, Betfair Casino promotions can be found inside the VIP Club, which is there to benefit you when you play for big money. To become a member you need a minimum 1,000 Comp Points (earned in normal real-money gaming) in 90 days and you can immediately increase the size of your stakes after joining up.

Each time you earn a Comp Point by playing online you get closer to winning a reward and when you earn over 2,500 you move up to the two-star VIP rating: Atlantic City.

The VIP rating increases up to five-star Monte Carlo, where every time you earn 80 Comp Points you’ll receive a £1 bonus.

The point of the VIP Lounge is to reward gamers who like to play big money, but if you’re a first-timer or slightly more conservative there’s plenty for you, too.

The New Player Welcome Bonus – that matches your first deposit and pays 50% on your second and third – is a great way to get started in the online community, while there’s a Refer & Earn bonus so you get cash when friends join.

There are also promotions for free bets in roulette, extra hands at the blackjack table and more spins on the slot machines – meaning there’s a bonus for everyone if you shop around.